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Transitions® Signature® GEN 8™


Transition "Signature" GEN8 Lenses

  • The lens series starts with four selected lens designs, changing in seconds. UV A&B and Blue Light Protection in all series of lenses. With a choice of 7 fashion colors or 90% polarized protection with or without 6 available mirror coating colors. They all make wearing Transition Signature GEN8 lenses the most functional Photochromatic lenses you can wear.
  • So, whether you’re reading, walking, sitting in the sunshine or driving, Transition GEN8 Series lenses offer you the protection you’ll want and makes light sensitivity a thing of the past.
  • Signature GEN8 lenses are the clearest, fastest changing Photochromatic lenses. Changing completely to totally dark and back, in minutes.


    • Good for Everyday Wear
    • UV A&B and Blue Light Protection 
    • 7 Fashion Lens Colors
      • Amber, Amethyst, Brown 
      • Emerald, Graphite Green,
      • Gray, Sapphire


    • Helps with Light Sensitivity
    • UV A&B and Blue Light Protection 
    • From Hint of Color to 86% Dark in Car
    • 6 Fashion Mirror Colors Also Available
    • 3 Lens Colors
      •  Brown, Graphite Green, Gray

    XTRACTIVE - "Polarized"

    • Bright Light Resolution
    • UV A&B and Blue Light Protection 
    • Dynamic Polarization
    • From Hint of Color to 90% Dark in Car
    • 1 Lens Color:
      • Gray

    DRIVEWEAR - "Polarized"

    • For driving in all Light Condition
    • UV A&B and Blue Light Protection 
    • Always on Polarization
    • 1 Lens - 3 Polarized Colors:
      • Olive/Green - Low Light
      • Copper - Safe Driving
      • Brown - High Intense Light
      • Color varies with UV Light Levels.


         LENS DETAILS: Transitions Signature GEN 8: The best overall Photochromic Lens.



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