Q & A

Question #01

I Have Special Lens Requirements?
  • YESIf you require a specific lens brand or type, we will work to source and supply if available. (Additional fees may apply.)

Question #02

Can I Get "Lenses Only" for My Frame?
  • YES, needing just "Lenses Only" for your frame is easy. Just review section below.
  • Extreme care will always be taken in processing your lenses, but customers must accept all responsibility for any frame breakage.
  • Due to hidden defects or previous wear: Neither Your Optical Rx nor the Optical Laboratory will accept any responsibility for frame breakage”.

    Question #03

    My Neighbor Spent $900 for Eyeglasses - Will I Do the Same?
    • Usually, No. our retail frames carry a 40% to 60% discount, off normal retail prices with us. 
    • Premium brand names have special features. (I.e. brand name licensing, materials, designs etc.)
    • But remember, brands command a higher premium price. but you will save.  

    Question #04

    When Will My Eyeglasses Arrive?
    • Delivery of new eyeglasses should arrive in approximately 14 working days, via USPS.
    • After receiving your new eyeglasses, please call at (725-279-8550). Let us know everything is fine.

    Lens Materials:

    BASIC-Plastic (CR-39)

    • Suggested Powers: 0.00 to 3.00 Sph.
    • FREE Factory Scratch Coating


    • Suggested Powers: 3.25 to 6.00 Sph.
    • Includes Scratch Coating.
    • Includes UV-A&B Protection. 
    • Includes Premium A/R Coating.

    PREMIUM-Hi-Index 1.60 

    • Suggested Powers: 6.25 to 8.00 Sph.
    • Includes Scratch Coating.
    • Includes UV-A&B Protection.
    • Includes Premium A/R Coating.

     ELITE-Hi-Index 1.67

    • Suggested Powers: 8.25 to 10.00 Sph.
    • Includes Scratch Coating.
    • Includes UV-A&B Protection. 
    • Includes Premium A/R Coating.

          PRIME-Hi-Index 1.74

          • Suggested Powers: Above 10.25 Sph.
          • Includes Scratch Coating.
          • Includes UV-A&B Protection. 
          • Includes Premium A/R Coating.


          Transition Lenses

          Signature Lens Series
          We Never Use Cheap Substtutes
          Click to Read: Transitions Signature GEN 8: The best overall Photochromic Lens


          Available Lens Types:

            GEN 8: (Everyday Life)
            Amber, Amethyst, Brown, Emerald,
            Graphic Green, Grey, Sapphire
              XTRACTIVE: (Light Sensitivity)
              Brown, Gray, Graphic Green

                XTRACTIVE Polarized: (Active Sun)
                Grey "Only"
                Mirrored - "Color Options"
                Blue, Gold, Green, Pink, Red, Silver Shadow

                DRIVEWEAR Polarized: (3 Colors)
                Same Lenses - Adjusting by Light Intensity
                Olive Green - (Low Light Conditions)
                Copper - (Safe Driving Conditions)
                Brown - (High Lite Conditions)


                Anti-Reflective Coatings

                PREMIUM Anti-Reflective Coating
                • Premium Coating Process
                • Hard Scratch Coating
                • Provides 1-year Warranty
                  ENDURA Anti-Reflective Coating
                  • Premier Coating Process
                  • Ultra Hard Scratch Coating
                  • Provides 2-year Warranty
                    ROCK Anti-Reflective Coating
                    • Crizal "ROCK" Process
                    • Diamond Scratch Coating
                    • Provides Lifetime Warranty

                        Product Warranty

                        • 1yr. "No Questions Ask" Plans - $28.00
                        • 2yr. "No Questions Ask" Plans -$56.00.
                        • Covering everything but Product Loss
                        • $40.00 Co-Pay (1 Occurrence per Yr.)


                          Vision Insurance

                          Available Open Access Plans:
                          • Aetna Vision, Blue View, Cigna
                          • Davis Vision, EyeMed, Spectera
                          • Superior, VSP   


                            Custom Services

                            • Lenses Only - Made for your frames.
                            • Broken Frame - Repair solutions.  
                            • Frames Adjusted - Stop slippage.


                            Frame Styles

                            All Frames Styles Include:
                            FREE CR-39 SV Scratch Coated Lenses


                            "Affordable" Styles

                            Our Best "Frame/Lens" Value
                            • Affordable Frame $99.00
                            • SV Plastic Lenses - FREE
                            • Complete Package - $99.00
                            • One Year Factory Frame Warranty


                            "Premium" Styles

                            • Unique Women's Frame Collections
                            • Stylish Men's Frame Collections
                            • "Big Guys" Frame Collections
                            • Designer Sunglass Collections